Специалисты по замене автомобильных ключей в Великобритании


The cost of a new car key sometimes reaches several thousand hryvnias, so car key repairs are becoming more and more popular. A car key today is a multifunctional device that consists of:

  • key sting
  • body (head)
  • chip (immobilizer) or microcircuit
  • buttons and batteries (batteries or accumulator)

Often the plastic case of the key becomes unusable from time to time or the metal tip is disconnected from the key case. In our workshops, you can replace the body of the flip key and even make a flip key out of the usual one. Also, if the key is broken or bent, we can make a copy of the damaged original. More info here https://wevegotthekey.co.uk/birmingham/.

Специалисты по замене автомобильных ключей в Великобритании

The main problems of car keys that require repair:

Buttons worn out, damaged, lost, or stopped working;
The retractable blade mechanism does not work well or is out of order;
The working part of the key is worn out, bent or damaged;
The key body is worn out or has mechanical damage;
The car stopped responding to key commands, the light does not light;
The key has been dropped, exposed to water, temperature, radiation, etc.


With what problems that arise during the operation of a car key, we are most often contacted:

  • repair when sticking or pushing buttons
  • car key tip repair
  • stinger repair
  • cracked plastic repair
  • key chip repair

All this leads to the application of additional efforts when using the key. Moisture and dust get into the cracks. And this can lead to failure of the electronics and mechanical parts, which will make the repair of ignition keys more difficult.


If the key housing has mechanical damage or the buttons have broken in it, we can repair the key and transfer the electronics and the tip of the auto key to a new housing. This is a fairly quick procedure, the main cost of which will depend on the cost of the key body itself and the minimum cost of the wizard.

Tip wear problems can also be solved with repairs without having to make a new car key. We can cut a new tip and install it in your key if it is technically possible.

If you need firmware for chip keys or microcircuits, and the case itself is completely safe and sound, we can help you in this case too. We recommend that you do not save money and turn to professionals to repair car keys. Repairing car keys takes a little time (depending on the problem). A new key case will cost quite affordable, especially against the backdrop of the cost of fuel or a new key. As a result, the car owner will receive a high-quality and fully functional auto-key to his iron friend.